What Even Is Railscamp?


It all started when...

Railscamp began with the Australia Ruby community and has grown and evolved into camps hosted around the world. While it began with a Ruby user group, the event is not about Ruby or Rails. We are mostly technologists, or people who are willing to spend a weekend with technologists. Most of us have or still actively program in Ruby, but that's more of a thing that we just happen to have in common.

The main idea of Railscamp is that you go off and spend a few days together as humans doing mostly offline things. There are those who do take their computers, and sometimes people talk about computers. That is absolutely optional.


We have cabins with beds and showers and all that. You'll want to bring a sleeping bag. There will also be some who bring their own tent, and you are welcome to do that as well.


Don't worry. We've got you covered. The dining hall will have options available for carnivores and vegans. Bring snacks and anything you want to specifically quench your thirst.


This year’s camp is at the Twin Elm Ranch in Bandera, TX about and hour northwest of San Antonio.


If you want to fly there will be a bus that goes from San Antonio to Camp.

If you want to drive you can do that as well. You're going to want to go to the Twin Elm Ranch.


What is it you say you do here?

There will be games, hiking, and probably a group who goes running. The camp also offers a horseback riding, team sports facilities, campfires, gameroom and tubing.

And much karaoke.


Very yes. If you haven't ever experienced a Ruby group Karaoke you will want to. This might be the reason to go to Railscamp, in fact.

More Questions?

See what previous campers have said about it, or get in touch with the organizers.