Sponsor the Opportunity Ticket Program

All of our sponsorship funds go to support our opportunity ticket program. Opportunity tickets are free tickets that we donate to underrepresented groups in tech that cover all of the event expenses except for any travel costs. In addition to sponsorships, part of each ticket sold goes to support the opportunity ticket program.

Attendees walk away from Rails Camp South with new connections, energized spirits and sometimes new job opportunities or mentors. Let's give these developers a space to learn, unplug, explore the outdoors, and make new authentic connections without the distraction of their daily lives, cell phones and internet.

In 2018, we were able to make one in every four tickets available for free through our opportunity ticket program.

Why Sponsor Rails Camp South?

Here's what's part of every sponsorship package:

  • You help us support diversity in tech through enabling our opportunity ticket program.

  • Link to your company on the Rails Camp South website.

  • Acknowledgement in both event email communications.

  • Social media promotion of your support for the camp

  • Acknowledgement at camp for your generous contribution

  • If one of your employees attends camp, we will set up time for introductions and demos for those interested.

  • Hang a banner, if provided, to be displayed in the main room at the camp

  • Add provided stickers and other swag to welcome packages

To become a sponsor email us at RailsCampSouth@gmail.com